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Treasure - Trunk container in teak and oak


Trunk container in teak and oak 45x37cm.

*Each product in OAK can be customized for color and size, to request a quote click here. Custom


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Finishes available
  • Teak
  • Oak
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Designed to withstand the marine environment. It is an elegant seat with inside storage box. It can be used on board, on the dock and also in the garden. Available in two sizes and colors, with colored pillow(to be selected on the Silvertex catalog pallet) customizable in the embroidery. Made of teak or solid oak for the Colored Version, treasure is assembled with high strength glue. The carabottino is handmade, the individual strips are carved and assembled together forming a perfect cross-section useful for the passage of the air. The bottom of the trunk is made of okumè, a lightweight and rosy multilayer, fibrous material, suitable for outdoor use. The ropes used for the handles are three strand rope, the inner rope used to limit the opening of the cover is double braid. The pillow is made of a layer of EVA closed cell and a further layer of Drycell coated with Silvertex. All accessories are made of stainless steel.

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Height(50) x Width(75) x Depth(37)
Volumetric Weight